Parish Centre Bookings

The Parish Centre is well used and advance booking is essential to avoid inconvenience.

Parish Centre

Contact: Joyce Barke
Tel. 01332 559037


For Hire Agreement & Conditions see linked pdf: Hire Agreement & Conditions

Parish Register

It is most important for the priests to have an accurate and up-to-date parish register. The clergy should be notified of changes of address or of new parishioners. Registration forms are available at the back of church and should be posted into the Presbytery letter box for attention.

Contact: Kim Cheek, Parish Administrator
Tel. 01332 989505

or the Presbytery
Tel. 01332 346126

Newsletter Contributions

A small rota of people produces a weekly newsletter. Items for inclusion in the newsletter should be posted into the Presbytery letter box as early as possible in the week, i.e. not later than Wednesday evening if possible.

Contact: The Presbytery
Tel. 01332 346126

Notice Boards

All posters intended for the notice boards should be handed in at the Presbytery so that the notice boards can be kept up-to-date and tidy.


Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is responsible for overseeing the organisation and running of the parish so that it continues to survive and prosper as a Eucharistic community, in line with its Vision and Mission statements. The PPC meets three times a year and meetings are open to all parishioners. Because the active working groups are numerous they have been arranged in 'clusters' with a representative from each cluster in order to keep the PPC to a workable size.

Executive Committee

Linking with the Parish Pastoral Council, this committee comprises a small group of parishioners who meet monthly with the Parish priest to help him with the day-to-day running of the parish. The Chair of the PPC is ex officio a member of this committee.


Planned Giving Programme

Parishioners are encouraged to join the planned giving scheme by using the weekly envelope system or by setting up a Bankers Standing Order.

Contact: Frank Barke


'Gift Aid' Scheme

Parishioners who pay Income Tax are encouraged to make a 'Gift Aid' declaration so that the tax already paid for the weekly sum contributed in the Planned Giving. Scheme may be recovered from the Inland Revenue.

Contact: Frank Barke